Protect your vehicle from everything life throws at it!

With our package, you will have your vehicle professionally washed, paint corrected, and coated with multi-year protective coating.

ALL materials will be included with EVERY package.

Receive a FREE wheel ceramic coating (Value $299) when you sign up for a 5 year Ceramic Coating Package! Must book and pay deposit by May 31st

Step 1
Luxurious Wash

We take the wash process further to provide a higher quality level of service and results. We’ll wash your vehicle to remove everyday dirt, bird droppings, and dust using proper wash and dry techniques that greatly reduce scratching & swirls.

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Step 2
Paint Correction

Before we ceramic coat your vehicle's paint it will be appraised and receive some level of correction. Paint Correction is a process that removes swirl marks, minor scratches, and other defects restoring your paint to look better than the day you bought your vehicle.

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Step 3
Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is one of the best investments to permanently protect the exterior of your vehicle from deteriorating prematurely. It also allows dirt and water to roll right off, making washing your vehicle and keeping it clean nearly effortless.

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